ADUC Home Folder and ACL

I’ve got a script that takes a list of users and attributes from a .CSV file and creates a Home Folder and fills the path in ADUC (ADUC GUI > Profile > Home Folder > Connect > S > To: \NAS_Path\first.last

However the user doesn’t have permissions to the access the folder until I go into ADUC and highlight the path and press enter, at which time it tells me the folder is already there and asks if I’d like to grant permissions.

Is the solution to keep it entirely scripted, to add a set-acl to my script?

Your permissions are not correct on the root folder of the home folder.

The account you run the script as needs to have specific permissions to create the home folder and set the permissions for the user.

If I remember correctly you need the following on the root folder and subfolders:
Traverse folder
List folder
read attributes
read extended attributes
create folder / append data
read permissions