Add-PSSnapin for exchange, safe or not

I want expert comment on this. Some document state not do it, insteed use remoting, some state it ok and safe to do it from normal PowerShell session.

What the true, pro and cons

Thank in advance.

I use this regularly in the ISE but only when directly on the Exchange server. I prefer the ISE of over EMS as I live in the ISE in all other instances as well. Though I rarely manage my Exchange environment from my Exchange sever directly. Especially, since I use my Exchange session for dual use case, meaning O365 and OnPrem simultaneously.

If you mean from an remote machine, then, Implicit Remoting is the recommended way to do this, not App-PSSnapin.

Just remember, if you do this in the PoSH console host, the Exchange cmdlets are available right away as the would be in the ISE console. However, the cmdlet will not show up in the ISE ‘Commands Tab’ by default. You have to click the Refresh button in on the commands tab, before they’d appear in the list and be usable from there in the ISE script session.

Can we dig deeper in why if we are using remoting, the snap in is not the prefered way.

I take care of few server on different domain and I use remoting. The exchange remoting seam to be different and I did not find a way to use it outside of domain.

What best practice on this?