I am trying to create new ODBC DSN connctions but untrrusted using a user name & password.
I cant figure how to do that, cant find any documentation or articles with that demonstrated.
Looking for some guidance, help or examples. Thanks.

Ive used this to create the System DSN but of course no user name & pwd.

Add-OdbcDsn -Name "SuiteCRM_DSN32_test" -DriverName "MySQL ODBC 5.2 Unicode Driver" -DsnType "System" -Platform "32-bit" -SetPropertyValue @("Server=xxx-sql-p01", "Trusted_Connection=No", "Database=suitecrm")

Have you tried using Get-Credential to prompt for the user and password values? Or alternatively using a stored SecureString value? Then you could add ‘user=’ and ‘password=’ with appropriate variables to the SetPropertyValue paramter.