Add attribute to aspnet.config file

Hi All,

I am working on a server migration where some attributes need to be added to the ASPNET.config(%systemroot%\\framework\v4.0.30319) file using powershell cmdlet.
As, this is a kind of XML file , can anybody guide me how to add the below attribute to the file :

.gcTrimCommitOnLowMemory enabled=“true”
The above attribute will be placed inside .Configuration.Runtime tag.


Do you have “PowerShell in Depth” by any chance? There’s an excellent chapter on manipulating XML, loading XML documents, adding elements and attributes, and so on.


[xml]$xml = Get-Content filename.xml

Loads an XmlDocument object; describes how those work and what you can do with them. Use SelectSingleNode() to find the node you want, for example. CreateAttribute() creates a new attribute, and so on.