ADAL and Basic authentication?

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Hope everyone is well. There was a question I was trying to research concerning moving automated scripts away from basic to modern authentication. How hard would it be to do this once my account goes down MFA? Would it be best to set up a conditional access policy for the execution, or re-working the scripts completely? They’re not doing a LOT of complex items, but there is some Office 365 connectivity that needs to be remedied by October 2020.

If someone can point me down some good rabbit holes, I’m willing to hunt!



You might get a response which would help you, from this forum. But I would suggest you to post this in and StackOverflow
to get a better response as I see this question is not directly related to PowerShell.

If you are talking Azure only stuff, you have no choice. Microsoft is depreciating all Basic auth to Azure and O365 and that will eventually happen for on-prem as well. E2K19 is already there.

There are plenty of resources all over the web on MFA with PowerShell regarding Azure, MSGraph and O365.

Youtube has videos on the topic as does MSDN, and other MS properties.