Access volume without a drive letter


If you have a volume, lets say D:, and then remove the drive letter, the volume still shows up if you use ‘Get-Volume’.
The volume of course shows up with no drive letter but you can see it’s UniqueID, eg:

You can then copy and paste this UniqueID into a folder explorer and browse the volume with no problem.
Is there a way to “cd”, or something similar, into this disk in PowerShell?

The question in short:
I need to access the files on a disk, via PowerShell, with no drive letter assigned to it.

Thanks in advance.

You could try mapping a PSDrive (which would not be a “drive letter” assignment), using that “path” as the root. But PS can’t “change” to anything not represented by a PSDrive (which is not the same as a system-level drive letter on a volume).

Thank you for the quick reply!
This solves my problem, so consider this question answered.

Thank you for your assistance.