Access Remote Powershell without using Credentials

Hi Friends,

I am thinking for a possibility, I have some clients and they want to execute some powershell query remotely but i am not willing to share the credentials. Is there any way i can do this, means anything like generating a public or private key or any other way, which i will give to them and then can execute the query remotely?

Need all yours suggestions on this.

Look into the JEA toolkit.

JEA Toolkit looks cool but i don’t know whether it will work in PS V3.0 (2008 R2 machine) … is there any way to create some sort of certificates and provide the clients to access?

Take a look at System Frontier. It works across any version of PowerShell and has a very flexible RBAC model that can be configured through a web GUI. You just import your script, configure users to roles and now they can run your code without having any direct access to the remote targets or admin credentials.

It will even build a GUI for you to capture user input and map it to command-line parameters.