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I have a question about how providers work beyond the explanation of the extensive help file both online and in powershell help system.
Each time, in my function when i invoke Invoke-Sqlcmd, if in the following lines the command are about file system provider, it fails because after the precedent command ran, it stays in SQLSERVER:> provider prompt.
The Workaround that i found, is to Set-Location to C:> immediately after those commands. Is this a proper way of handling this? Is there a better way to do it? I tried and failed, using Push-Location and Pop-Location in the function not sure if i had a glimpse of cleverness. Please find below a few lines of the function:

$bic= random ID
$DRMaster = SRV1
$DRSlave = SRV2
$DRbicdir = folderonfirstserver
$DRbicdir2 = folderonsecondserver

#DB configuration
   Invoke-sqlcmd -InputFile "$DRbicdir2\__04_On_Primary_Set_DR_DB_srv1.sql" -ServerInstance "$DRSlave" -ErrorAction Stop
         Write-Host "trax_$bic is now set as the secondary log shipping FAILOVER database on $DRSlave" -ForegroundColor Green

# Checking DB on $DRMaster is ONLINE in the DR solution.
(Set-Location $DRbicdir)
$testFODB = else { $false }

Thanks for your feedbacks on this!

Please excuse the quickness of my parsing code. Below is the entire version:

Thanks for you inputs!!

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