Anyone direct me toward a source of information for Powershell & Zabbix interaction.
I want to have Zabbix run a Powershell command when an event occurs.
I’ve found some info and scripts, such as “zabbixposhapi”, but looking for more…suggestions appreciated.

I could imagine that a Zabbix related forum would be a better place to ask this question. :wink:

I have no idea what Zabbix is or does. However…

Should you have not asked your Zabbix sales person / SME that question when it was purchased / demo’d, POC’d, or deployed.


Just saying…


A direct search for your post heading, using your favorite search engine of choice woudl have direclty given you the quick yes / no you are after.

PowerShell host inventory script for Zabbix ''

Powershell / ZABBIX – Gathering information about processes, that has the same name, by PID.

Thus now I at least now know where to find it, what it is, what it is supposed to do and now know I can use PoSH with it.