Working with Dos commands in ISE

for the most part dos commands in ISE can be captured in a variable and then parsed. I have an issue with one command the simply opens a command sell runs the command closes the command shell then nothing is in the variable.

$info = nltest /server:$server /dsgetsite

however is I run this command in a powershell console it does as expected. Is there some trick im missing here? I love using ISE I don’t want to have to use the console if at all possible.

Try this …

$info = ((nltest /server:dc2 /dsgetsite).getenumerator() -split "`r`n")[0]
"It is $info"

Nope still just flashes a dos window with no input in the variable

I can’t vouch for what is going on for your machine. I am running WMF 5.0 and have no issues with the code below. Can you try it on another machine? I’ve run the script from the console and the ISE without issue.

$server = "dc2"
$info = ((nltest /server:$server /dsgetsite).getenumerator() -split "`r`n")[0]
"It is $info"

maybe its PS3 with the issue I will upgrade and test.

yup it was powershell I updated to 4.0 and original code works like a charm