Workflow expecting parameter for every workflows


I’m trying to execute the below workflow in windows server 2016 which is a basic example given in the documentation. But, when executing it’s asking for input parameters. But in workflow, I’m not using any.

Workflow Test-Workflow {
“This will run first”

parallel {
     "Command 1"
     "Command 2"

     sequence {
         "Command A"
         "Command B"



Powershell output:
PS C:\Users\user> .\testp.ps1

cmdlet Get-PSBreakpoint at command pipeline position 1
Supply values for the following parameters:
Script[0]: 0
This will run first
Command 1
Command 2
Command A
Command B

Thanks for help.

Is this the only content in your code ? It will not ask any unless you define it in the script or any script/cmdlet you invoke inside.

Yes. Above script is the only content in file. Its not asking for inputs in few servers. Issue is for only few servers. Is there any option to set parameters globally?

What are those commands ? It could be those commands asking for the inputs.

I’m asking is there anything like that to set parameters globally. So that powershell will always ask for inputs. How to see any ptofile data or reset powershell settings

Parameters cannot be set globally, but variables can have global scope.

the prompt is actually by Get-PSBreakpoint cmdlet. you can check all your $profile scripts if any.