WinRM not working

Response time is relative and there are a number of factors involved when it comes to performance. Some things to consider:

  1. Response time is dictated by what resources are available on both systems, especially the system where PowerShell is doing all the processing.
  2. You're performing remote commands over a wireless connection which is subject to low bandwidth, interference or distance-related issues, and it's just not as reliable as a good ol' wire.
  3. Depending on the commands you use, some do a lot more than others and can take longer for output to come back.

    For instance, if you ran a simple command against a remote system, like Get-Service -ComputerName server -Name Netlogon, it shouldn’t take too long compared to if you ran Invoke-Command -ComputerName server { Get-ComputerInfo } or an unfiltered Get-EventLog/Get-WinEvent.

For starters, if it's possible, get the laptop on a wired connection.

Thanks Aaron for the response,
i totally agree with you regardind the wire powa, but i just figured out what was the problem: firewall rules
i had to enable some of those on the laptop firewall, and after that i now have a ‘normally delayed’ response (due to wireless connection)
I mean that now i issue a command and in a couple of second i have response from the server, which seems to be normal to me (now)

The firewall rules were mainly:

  • File and Printer sharing
  • Network Discovery
  • DCOM
  • Remote Service Management (RPC)
  • Other that probably were not part of this problem

Now almost all works fine, exept a strange error that i discussed in another post of mine, regading the use of Get-WmiObject with the -AsJob parameter
but since i can bypass this strange behavior with

  • Invoke-Command -AsJob or
  • Start-Job
    I just stopped struggling to solve it