Windows Credential manager

I have been trying to find a way out add a certificate based credential in the Vault. Can some help please guide me if this is possible via powershell.

I have been trying with cmdkey.exe and vaultcmd.exe. With valtcmd.exe I got closest: being able to add a certificate credential but not being able to figure out the right ID to provide.

I think you’ll want to check out at the following PowerShell modules in the PSGallery:

  • Daniel

Thanks Daniel, unfortunately none of them has the capability of adding a cert-based cred to the vault… :frowning:

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to help. However, you might want to raise an issue here GitHub - Jaykul/BetterCredentials: A wrapper for Get-Credential offering options that it should have offered and ask Joel Bennett if he would like a challenge to add certificate support to his module.