Will you help me fix the ActiveDirectory PowerShell Module with your vote?

I’m trying to fix the ActiveDirectory PowerShell Module and extend its functionality. Will you help me by voting to open source this module on UserVoice?



True trains of thought here, sorry for the short ramble:

First: a new version was demoed at the rapidfire demo event during the PowerShell Summit, so another version is on the way. It includes the long overdue Get-LocalUser/LocalGroup cmdlets. So there are some new usability functions being added (finally).

Second: I should mention this is pure speculation … but I tweeted “what took so long” when this functionality was demoed, and actually got a reply from Snover himself:


I think there are are some things “under the hood” preventing this module from being opened up. Again, pure speculation, but I’m wondering if there wasn’t some massive retooling done to get this changes through and if the “current” iteration will never see the light of day as a open-source module.

In principle, however, I’m all for it :slight_smile: Just don’t know that this particular module will have it happen.

That’s good to read. I guess when they opensource it, it would be like a pandora’s box. I think (speculation also) that internally at Microsoft some dev’s don’t follow the rules defined in the CEC program. Also that program is not public anymore (maybe it’s replaced?).

@Justin King: In which version those Cmdlets will be published? I guess together with Server 2016 or WMF5.1?