Where to add homepageurl in hash table for new app registration

Hey All, I am currently using this for app registrations, whcih is working. I want to also add a homepagurl attribute, but after some trial and error, I was wondering if someon can help me with where it should go in the hash table?

$web = @{
    RedirectUris = "https://www.google.com"
    ImplicitGrantSettings = @{ EnableIdTokenIssuance = $false }

$createAppParams = @{
    DisplayName = "_testappreg1"
    Web = $web
    signinaudience = 'AzureADMyOrg'
    RequiredResourceAccess = @{
        ResourceAppId = "00000003-0000-0000-c000-000000000000"
        ResourceAccess = @(
                Id = "e1fe6dd8-ba31-4d61-89e7-88639da4683d"
                Type = "Scope"

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And you may add a little more context to your question. I assume you’re talking about an Azure app registration. And you notice that it is actually working. So you may add the actual command you use.

And BTW: If that’s an existing Id for ResourceAccess you use in your code you may obfuscate it here in the forum. :wink:

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Thanks. Updated. The ID is a well know guid for a graph api permission, so that is fine.


Not tested, but looking at the docs, it’s part of the webApplication construct so in your code, it should be passed to the -web parameter:

$web = @{
    RedirectUris = "https://www.google.com"
    ImplicitGrantSettings = @{ EnableIdTokenIssuance = $false }
    HomePageUrl = 'https://myapp/login/login.aspx'