What does the 'version' column refer to in Azure Automation DSC 'Node' view


What does the number displayed under the ‘version’ column refer to under the Node view in Azure Automation DSC as can be see on the graphic at my one drive link

One of the node (DP01 which is switched off), as a version number displayed. This is an Azure VM with a DSC configuration document applied already

The other node WIN-xxxxxx is an on-premise VM (running under my laptop as a hyper-v guest) which was on-boarded via set-dscLocalConfigurationManager and does not have a configuration document applied to it as this time




That is the version of the DSC Virtual Machine Extension that is currently installed on the VM.

As the other machine is not an Azure VM it doesnt have this extenstion installed hence the lack of version number.

If you were to configure an Azure VM using those same Cmdlets then it would not install the exstension then either.





Thanks very much Conor, much appreciated :slight_smile: