Welcome to the PowerShell and AD forum

by RichardSiddaway at 2012-08-14 12:39:10

PowerShell is a superb automation engine for Active Ditrectory. You have so many options:
[]Microsoft cmdlets[/]
[]Microsoft provider[/]
[]Quest cmdlets[/][/list]

My aim with this forum is help you get the most from PowerShell to help you administer your Active Directory

In case you were wondering which of the tools above I prefer - the simple answer is all of them. They all have positives and minuses and complement each other. I have often been in the position of working on someones AD and having to use whatever is available. If I was pushed to pick one it would probably be the Microsoft cmdlets. if you disagree - post and tell us why you prefer one of the others.

This forum can only be successful if you bring your questions. So please start now.

I won’t necessarily answer every question but I will ensure questions get answered. I’ll also post tips, hints and maybe the odd code snippet from time to time

Welcome and enjoy!