Want to share a PowerShell command guide

When I started programming with PowerShell version 1 I made a list of commands and examples of use. I updated it for PowerShell v3 and then retired. Is there a good place I could upload this in case others might find it useful? It has almost 2000 lines.

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@Veeblefetzer Welcome to the community!

You can share it here. If possible categorize it. We will try to make it a wiki.

Thanks for letting us know.

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Here is a copy of the PowerShell reference document. Feel free to make corrections, alterations, or additions to it. I hope that users, especially people new to PowerShell, will find the list of commands useful. The functions in the appendices were written to make porting of some PERL programs to PowerShell easier. They may not be of much use to others. The PicMove2PC file (renamed from ‘.ps1’ to ‘.txt’) was made back when people used cameras and memory cards, but it shows examples of using file I/O.

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Not sure if attachment works. Its better if you can post each one as a thread.

Does that mean dropping the entire contents of my guide into the email?

Just my 2p, but as they’re large text files I think it would be better to upload them to something like gist and link them.


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