Verification using Powershell

I need assistance in Performing installation verification by launching a verification exe tool provided by vendor.
Verification Tool is inbuilt tool with application and available in locally at installed server & path: Start -> All Programs -> Application_Name -> Verify Files , Result file will saved in path E:\Application_Name \script.

Ok, so… what executable is that Start menu shortcut actually running?

Apologies for late response.
It is an application called Empower.

So, that’s not actually my question (grin). You say you start this process now by clicking a start menu shortcut. Look at the properties of that shortcut. What executable (ending in .exe, usually) is the shortcut running?

My Bad.
E:\empower\checksumShell.bat - this is the file.

Whatever that shortcut points to, you’d just run that exact same line in PowerShell to run the same process. If it’s an EXE, a BAT, whatever, PowerShell can just run it.

Thanks Don.
I will try it out and get back to you in case i face any issues. Thanks a million for your time.