Values for PerformRequiredConfigurationChecks Flags

I’m using the MSFT_DscLocalConfigurationManager CIM class’s PerformRequiredConfigurationChecks method to force an LCM to apply configuration immediately. It takes one argument: a uint32 flag. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find any documenation on what flags values are expected. On most of the code samples I’ve found online, I see 1 and 3 being used, but no one seems to know what they mean.

Are values for this flag argument documented anywhere? Does anyone know what values are allowed and what each means?

These are clearly documented at “Flags: Specifies the TBD.” :slight_smile:

Microsoft has been made aware of the documentation goof, and hopefully they’ll clear it up soon. This did come up on the PowerShell MVP mailing list not too long ago. If I remember correctly, a value of 1 just runs the DSC configuration, and a value of 3 does that and also makes sure the scheduled tasks which normally kick off this method are set up. I believe 2 was also a valid value, related somehow to setting up scheduled tasks. (If this is truly a bitflag field, then maybe 1 = run configuration and 2 = set up scheduled tasks, with 3 being the combination those operations, but I’m not certain of that.)

Looks like this documentation bug has yet to be addressed:

Thanks, Dave. A year and a half later and yours is the best guess I’ve seen yet.