User Report with attribs & email file?


I’m working on yet another script and stuck on what to do with this. I need to query AD and use the quest module as it’s a 2003 domain with no gateway available.

I can query the domain to get the list of users and then select the properties that I want. But I know there’s alot more to it. I have to query the domain, exclude specific Organizational Units and also accounts that match a string such as ‘systemmailbox’.

Then format it and put it into excel which is the ‘top’ option or a csv file, but it has to be 2 sheets. I need to sort the sheets into enabled users in 1 worksheet and then disabled users in a 2nd worksheet. I’ve searched around and haven’t found anything yet. I’m trying to get started using some of the other scripts I’ve gotten help with, but not having any luck.

Can anyone help? The query I have is just get-qaduser | select displayname, company, dn, enabled, primarysmtpaddress and now I’m stuck. I started a foreach loop and that’s where I think this ends up, but I’m not sure.

You’re asking for a lot - it might help if you picked one place you were stuck and use that maybe as a starting point?