Use the -match operator to find either string

I am trying to figure out how to use the -match string to parse for two phrases to see if either of them match.

 $phrase = "mary had a little lamb and lots of other smaller lambs and pigs and goats" 

Searching for one string works just fine:

 if ($phrase -match "a little lamb") {$true} else {$false} 

Is there a way to use two strings with something similar to an -or operator i.e.

if ($phrase -match "a little lamb" -or "of other smaller lambs") {$true} else {$false} 

The above example does not seem to work. Even if both of the strings are invalid it still returns true. Any hints on how to do this? I attempted to put the phrases first with the -or operator and then -match to the variable but this still does not work as expected. I have seen other online examples that use a | character between the phrases, but that does not seem to work either (or I am not understanding the regex command). I can just match both phrases separately, and output the results to variables. Comparing both of the variables via an if statement with an -eq operator works. There has got to be an easier lighter method to do this though.

Well, there are two ways you could do that. If you want to use the PowerShell -or operator, you can, but you have to have a complete clause on both sides:

if ($phrase -match "a little lamb" -or $phrase -match "of other smaller lambs") {$true} else {$false} 

So you’d be using the -match operator twice. Or, you can use the OR operator in regex (which is a pipe symbol):

if ($phrase -match "a little lamb|of other smaller lambs") {$true} else {$false} 

Thanks Dave that worked for me.