Upper lower case sensitivity in filenames

I am working on a script to read file names from a windows directory then go to a linux dir to copy those files down back to windows. The problem that I am facing is linux takes into account upper case and lower case for unique file names and windows does not. For instance on our linux servers we have files with the name Erx_processor.jsp and erx_processor.jsp and they are completely different files. The script I am working on is a backup before deployment for new files so the I need the exact file that we are deploying backed up therefore need to take into account the upper and lower case letters in a file name on windows. Any ideas on how to accomplish this in powershell?


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And I truly showed my nub status with this question. - SOLVED - The bold part is all I needed.


$process = invoke-expression -command “$FTP -pw $lpw $UName@$Appserver.unix.medcity.net:$paths $test_rollback” | where-object {$_.file -clike “$file”}


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