Uninstall WMF/PowerShell 5

I have Windows Management Framework 5 on a laptop but I’m having some issues with it and want to remove it again. “Uninstall” is not available in appwiz.cpl.
Then I remembered I’d recently used dism.exe to clean up superseded updates which has clearly done the same for this too as well as standard OS patches.

Am I left having to do an in-place install of Win 8.1 to remove it? This laptop was originally Win 7 and was I then bought a Win 8 upgrade key. Not sure how this will affect trying a reinstall over itself with an 8.1 Update 1 DVD…

Thanks for any ideas!

Try running this command. You may need to delete the Root\Microsoft\Windows\DesiredStateConfiguraiton WMI namespace first to get it to uninstall properly; see http://www.lazywinadmin.com/2014/09/powershell-wmf-50-july-preview.html for details.

wusa /uninstall /kb:2969050