Unable to list users that have an app policy attached to them in Teams

How can I list the Teams users for which a custom App Permission policy is attached to ?
Tried to locate the GUI and also went through the Microsoft documentation
Microsoft Teams apps permissions and considerations - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

The intention is to delete the custom policy but the GUI is complaining that I cannot delete it because there are users that have this policy assigned to them. But I could not list the users that have this policy attached/assigned to.

“The policy “Allow Apps” is currently assigned to one or more users. You must assign a different policy to those users before you can delete this policy.”

Look at the screen shot so my question will be clear.

I don’t see a screenshot attached to this thread. Did you mean something different?

A Microsoft Teams module exists, but I am not familiar with it. Maybe the Get-TeamUser or Remove-CsCustomPolicyPackage cmdlet will get the results you need. Link is below.

Thanks a lot for this link.

But the problem I am having is, how can I identify the users for which a specific custom policy is assigned to. For instance, if I have a custom policy called “MyCustomPolicy” and if I have a user1 and user2 for which this custom policy is assigned to and assuming I do not know this policy was actually assigned to these two users, how would I list the users for which MyCustomPolicy is assigned to?

Thanks a lot!!!

for instance the below will give me the policies attached to a specific user
Get-CsUserPolicyPackage (MicrosoftTeamsPowerShell) | Microsoft Docs

but what is I want a list of the users for which a specific policy is assigned to ?