Unable to Install Teradata driver

Hi All,

I am working on installing Teradata DotNet Provider driver in windows server 2012. Getting some issues :

PowerShell DSC resource MSFT_xPackageResource failed to execute Set-TargetResource
functionality with error message: The return code 1619 was not expected. Configuration
is likely not correct

Here is the Package I have written :

xPackage Installteradata
Ensure = “Present”
Path = “D:\MSIRepo\TeraDATA\tdnetdriver.exe”
ProductID = “”
Name = “teradata”
Arguments = ‘/S /v"/qn"’
RunAsCredential = $cred


Any suggestion would be much appreciated.


The installer is spitting out code 1619. You’d need to check with the vendor to see what that code indicates.

I’ll note, too, that the Package resource doesn’t work wonderfully with non-MSI packages. Without a PackageID, it has no way of telling if the thing is already installed or not, so it might just keep trying over and over. You may need to do a custom Script resource instead, once you figure out why the installer is failing.