Tracking Hardware Events and Auditing Hardware Events


I would like to be able to extract all hardware events/change info from win2k12 r2. I need to know when any system component is removed/added, etc. I have extracted the hardware related event providers but if anyone can share how they extract all of that type of hardware information I would greatly appreciate that. Then I will create custom alerting so that we will automatically be alerted if some hardware component changes.

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The event providers are meant to be your point of call for this data. Doubtless they get their data directly from some Win32 API – that’s largely beyond the scope of PowerShell code and well into C# and .NET implementations. That said, if you could figure out what they were doing to pull that data, you absolutely could drop the C# code into a PowerShell script or a custom .dll and interact with it from PS, but I would be expecting a significantly greater degree of difficulty with pulling the raw data here than with most PS operations.

The event providers exist for a reason – generally because interfacing directly with that data is going to be a major pain.