Tooling Bits?

I feel a little silly asking and my google-fu is failing me. Outside of one post where the specifics are secondary to the issue I can’t find a lick of information on the bits located in the tooling directory on git. It seems like there are some useful items in there for building and maintaining configs, but I am unsure of where to start. It would appear that it requires a specific directory structure and some other things that I’d rather not figure out on my own if a simple cheat sheet exists somewhere on the internet.

Weeks of randomly googling and reading threads when I had the free time turned up no results. Posting this message? Jackpot…

In this thread there is a screenshot of how to setup the folders

A full breakdown is in this video. Starts around the 30 minute mark


Documentation and examples are high on the to-do list for the DSC tooling. I expect you’ll see something along these lines within the next month.

I’ve attached a sample configuration that I’ve used for demos, and it’s built to work with the DSC tooling. It was built around a version of the tooling from several months ago, but it should help to understand how things are laid out.