The format of the resource in the requires list for resource is not valid

I believe this error is because the resource name has a period (.) in the name, I didn’t have issues with this in PSv4 DSC but since I installed the PSv5 production preview I keep getting this error:

Test-DependsOn : The format of the resource reference '[xWebAppPool]' in the Requires list for resource '[xWebSite]' is not valid. A required resource name should be in the format '[]', with no spaces.

Has anyone else run across this yet? Also, does anyone have a regex for replacing invalid characters in a resource name or a link to the article I can’t find that specifies what the character limitations are?

I believe you’re correct about the period - I don’t typically try to use that, and I don’t think there’s a public list of limitations. You might bug that in Connect and ask for a published list.

Thanks, seems like if I just -replace ‘[^\w\d_]’,‘_’ its much happier.

I’ve posted the feedback to connect: