Submit an Event: Text is hidden


Attempted to add an event using this link:

Noticed that the ability to add context about the event in the ‘Details’ section (e.g. text) seems to be hidden. Un-hid this using developer tools and it appears to have worked (text was still invisible but could at least type - See ‘Release Pipelines…’ event with the text ‘Test’).

Not very good with HTML, but this appears to be one of the spots that might be causing this:

Also, if possible, could we delete that Release Pipelines event? Would like to recreate it with real text, wasn’t sure if it would go through.

Thanks, and sorry to be a pain!

Event deleted. I’m still trying to figure out why that field is hidden :/.

No, that textarea is the “base” textbox. The problem is with the fancy editor loading. I’m guessing some kind of JS conflict. Spelunking.

Found it.