SQL Reports

I am looking for way to generate SQL reports (especially Performance Reports) on specific DB.
Any suggestions how to do it with PowerShell ?

This could go many different directions/suggestions. Do you have a more defined end goal? For example, I want to automate a report that shows the transactions with this certain DB (NON-SSRS reporting). This should be something that runs daily and sent in an email to a distribution list. I also want to pretty up the formatting in the email; not just attach a CSV.

The reason I ask for more information is the solution could be as simple as you using an SQL statement with an invoke-SQL cmdlet output to a CSV; running daily per a scheduled task. Could also become complex; like uploading to be used in PowerBI etc…

I have some Powershell script that gathering all perfmon information during the test and all logs after it.
All what i do is starting it and putting my estimation for load test execution duration.
For example - 12 hours of overnight test.
Now i want to add more detailed information about the DB state during the test. Some CSV or HTMLs that could be useful…

Sorry not clear in my mind yet; can you share what you have so far and a fictional output of what you would like? Thank you and sorry for my confusion.

I am thinking something like this blog post: (?)

I am working with perfmon finctionality - no problem with that.
What i am looking is something like this.
The problem is that in my case it is not working as described in the article:

  • Install-Module -Name ReportingServicesTools

Passed on PS 5.1, but it brings nothing on

Get-Command -Module ReportingServicesTools

  • Invoke-Expression (Invoke-WebRequest https://aka.ms/rstools) 

passes with errors on PS 4.0. And again - nothing on

Get-Command -Module ReportingServicesTools