[Solved] Curious about MessageBox and multi-line input

I am working on a script that is something along the lines of a practice test GUI, with questions and answers pulled at random from a SQLite db. Everything works as expected, I just noticed one oddity and was curious if anyone knows why. Some of the questions are a (Choose the best two/three). In the db, the multiple answers are a single string, comma-separated. If the user selects the wrong options, I throw a message box, something like this:


This works just fine, however I notice the first answer line is in-line, while the second is automatically indented by one or two spaces. I’ve tried formatting a couple different ways (only r, onlyn, etc.), but see the same behavior each time. Any idea why this happens?

try using “`r`n”

The issue is you are adding a space which is not needed as the next string will be on a new line. So you are literally saying


Maybe this demo will help clarify.


Thanks, perhaps staring at it too long, I missed the space after the second carriage return.