simple run book automation for powershell

I have looked into MS Orcestrator and eyeShare the last couple of days and are quite fascinated. But i think that the cost and implementation scope is to heavy for my use.

So i was wondering if anyone here had seen a simple and cheap solution that can do the following:

Based on either incoming E-Mail, SMS or any other triggers - run a PS script and feed the script with variables?

A example:
A AD user send a text(SMS) to a number with the codeword “reset password”

  • The mechanism receives the text and based on the code word, the ResetPassword.ps1 is launched.
  • The $phonenumber in ResetPassword.ps1 is fed with the senders phonenumber in some sort of way and the script does it thing, finding the correct user based on the number and then resetting the AD users PW.
  • Then send a response to the user via SMS including the new PW.

Anyone know a system that does this? Basicly a very simple run book automation.

I’ve seen SMS handling systems but they were quite a cost.

If you did it as an email you could possibly get outlook to do the work for you but it would need to be logged on. Alternatively, you could possibly use EWS to automate this. I don’t think its going to be a simple as it sounds

I don’t know the cost involved, but this sounds like something that Twilio was designed to handle (