Set homefolder to local path "empty" bulk with ADuserlist.txt


I need the following powershell script:
This is the wanted 2 step setup, which i cant code myself:

In Active AD profile - Profile tab - Homefolder

the profiles is currently mapped with the drived to Z: to thier "$username$
I want this change to local path: “Empty Field” instead, by powershell.

I need a powershell script which take a textfile with all usernames, like ADuser_login_name.txt and
change this from Z: “Username” to thier local path: “Empty Field” instead, for each AD loginname on the list.

And then make all users (ADuser_login_name.txt) a member of a new OU also.

Can anyone help me on this?

Not sure if you’re asking someone to do it pro bono or not.
But usually if you want someone to do all the work you need hire that someone.
It’s not a big undertaking in terms of code but the data in the text file need to be checked, the code need to be tested and so forth.
You probably want someone to call if you have further questions/enhancement requirements and so on.