set-ClusterResourceDependency and multiple dependencies

I have a script that creates a powershell command. The below command is not working correctly. I cannot find much if any documentation on how to set multiple dependencies in powershell. All of my other dependencies set without a problem, just this one with multiples.

Set-ClusterResourceDependency -cluster cluster_name -resource “SQL Server (SQL_GROUP)” -Dependency “[E_Drive] and [E_Drive_log01]”
Set-ClusterResourceDependency : An error occurred while setting the dependency relationship for the resource ‘SQL Serve
The parameter is incorrect
At line:1 char:30

  • Set-ClusterResourceDependency <<<< -cluster cluster_name -resource “SQL Server (SQL_GROUP)” -Dependency “[E_Drive] and [E_Drive_log01]”
    • CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (:slight_smile: [Set-ClusterResourceDependency], ClusterCmdletException
    • FullyQualifiedErrorId : Set-ClusterResourceDependency,Microsoft.FailoverClusters.PowerShell.SetClusterResourceDependencyCommand

Well, since -Dependency only takes a single string, and since what you’re doing isn’t working, what about running the command twice and setting one dependency each time? I haven’t used the clustering commands much myself. The documentation states that you can use “or” when you don’t want a dependency on BOTH items - which implies that the default IS to be dependent on both items.

The docs suggest you CAN use an AND operator, but they sorta enclose it in square brackets-ish. See, although it looks typo-ish to me.

But you can DEFINITELY use SET to create the first dependency, and then use the Add- cmdlets to AND on another one. Try that?