send powershell results to a website


So we’re planning to automate patch management since we manage a few servers for different customers but we lack the time to check the Windows Updates history whether when was the last time the server got updated. I’ve researched some cmdlets as to how to check on a Windows Server using powershell and below is what I got

Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned

Install-Module -Name PSWindowsUpdate

Import-module PSWindowsUpdate


So the cmdlets are working and I see the results but my boss wanted the results to be sent to our website and with some help from our internal developer, they can create a button when a Technician clicks on it, it will show that result for that particular server.

What other cmdlets do I need to add for this to be successful?



In addition, not sure what’s the best way, right after I get the results, do I save this as a notepad or txt file before sending? or can powershell directly send all results to the website using a comdlet?


Can this be done? Yes, but there are many ways to roll up compliance data. How are you patching your systems? What operating systems are the endpoints? Windows 10 actually has built in compliance reporting, but they have to be Windows 10:

System Management like Configuration Manager and WSUS will have reporting capabilities. Windows update compliance reporting is a common requirement of Enterprises, so even if you don’t have any of these, buying a tool is going to be much faster to get compliance information than building a home-grown report. Typically, there are agents installed on each endpoint which collect information and write it to a database. You may want to also ask “how do you get compliance reports” on a Windows update forum.

I played with this a while back and was impressed. Install on a server, add your servers to the Admin Center and you get it all in one spot. You can literally have it up and running in minutes. It will even show you the PowerShell used behind the scenes. Pretty cool really.

Windows Admin Center

And its free :slight_smile: