Scripts I download get eaten by my Virus Protection

I’ve just loaded a new machine on Windows 11. My last machine just died. I’ve noticed when I download a script or even enter that script into the PowerShell ISE editor and save it. My machine says something like Powershell Trojan and eats the script.

What do I need to know? This could be annoying. I do want to be protected by Powershell Trojans but I can read the text and have some background in writing scripts and it appears fine.

Not sure there will be much help as the issue is more Antivirus or Windows OS related. If it is a corporate image or managed device, the Security Team or Helpdesk would need to be involved. If it’s personal, then you would need to review documentation or forums for any Antivirus software installed to see how this can be managed as it is likely not default behavior.

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Thanks. I’ll just have to play with it. No script I have to get working–it’s my home machine.