Script, web data recovery.

I installed the Nessus solution on a Windows server which allows to scan the vulnerabilities of a network.
This solution is accessed from a web interface.
Once the scan is done, the result is displayed, and there is an option to download the report as an HTML or CSV file. I’m most interested in CSV, even both are good.
Using PowerShell and APIs, it is normally possible to script to retrieve this report based on the scan id without going through this interface.

The problem is, although I don’t think this is a long script, I absolutely don’t know how to do it (I am more than a newbie to powershell) and I haven’t found anything on the internet that can help me. 'help.
If anyone knows how to guide me, thanks in advance.

Well, you should be able to get some APIs from Nessus documentation. Once you have the API available then its a matter of using the URI with Invoke-RestMethod to download the file.

When I did a google search, above link is what I got and has all the details required. Maybe you will have to spend some time as you never used PowerShell for such use case. I would suggest you to read help documentation of Invoke-RestMethod and the above link, then put up some code and see what is happening. we are here to help when you get stuck in the code.