Script only works if I run from ISE

I have a script that I’m trying to give parameters to so that you can call it from PowerShell and pass parameters, but it doesn’t work unless I paste it into the ISE and hit ‘Run Script’, then the parameters are asked for in the Console pane and it works. But if I call the script from the Console like this:

./Update-SSRSSubscriptionPasswords -SSRSWebServiceURL http://servername/ReportServer-UserName "P@$$word01"

I get an exception about the arguments being passed in line 142. (The setSubscriptProperties call)

Iv’e tried turning this into a function and .sourcing it and calling the function, I get the same error. It literally only works if I “Run Script” from the ISE.

Here is my script. Any assistance with what I’m doing wrong would be great!!

# function Update-SSRSSubscriptionPasswords {

    param (
        [Parameter(Mandatory=$true,Position=1)] [string]$SSRSWebServiceURL,
        [Parameter(Mandatory=$true,Position=2)] [string]$UserName,
        [Parameter(Mandatory=$true,Position=3)] [string]$Password

    # update this value with the Web Service URL value from the Reporting Service Configuration Manager
    # $WebServiceURL = "http://servername/ReportServer" 
    # $username = USER.NAME
    # $password = INFO"

    $WebServiceURL = $SSRSWebServiceURL
    $username = $UserName
    $password = $Password

    #Write-Host "Applying Update to: $SSRSWebServiceURL"
    #Write-Host "Username: $UserName"
    Write-Host "Password:  $password"

    # If no password is passed, then you will receive information on what Datasource and/or Subscriptions are assigned to the User given
    $InformationOnly = $true
    if (!$password.Equals("info")) {
        $InformationOnly = $false

    Write-Host "Information Only: $($InformationOnly)"

    $uri = "$($WebServiceURL)/ReportService2010.asmx?WSDL" 
    $ReportServerUriSource = $uri;
    $global:ssrs = New-WebServiceProxy -Uri $ReportServerUriSource -UseDefaultCredential;
    $type = $ssrs.GetType().Namespace

    #Define Object Types for Subscription property call
    $ExtensionSettingsDataType = ($type + '.ExtensionSettings')
    $ActiveStateDataType = ($type + '.ActiveState')
    $ParmValueDataType = ($type + '.ParameterValue')

    $ExtensionSettingsObj = New-Object ($ExtensionSettingsDataType)
    $ActiveStateObj = New-Object ($ActiveStateDataType)
    $ParmValueObj = New-Object ($ParmValueDataType)

    $Description = $null
    $Status = $null
    $eventType = ""
    $MatchData = $null
    $PasswordUpdated = $false

    $ExtensionPassword = New-Object ($ParmValueDataType)
    $ExtensionPassword.Name = "PASSWORD" 
    $ExtensionPassword.value = $password 
    $reports = $reporting.listchildren("/", $true) | Where-Object {$_.TypeName -eq "Report"}

    foreach ($Report in $Reports) {

        $Subscriptions = $ssrs.ListSubscriptions($report.Path)

        foreach ($Subscription in $Subscriptions) {
            $ReportSubscriptionID = [String]$subscription.SubscriptionID

            foreach ($ParmValueObj in $Subscription.DeliverySettings.ParameterValues) {

                if ($ -eq "USERNAME") {

                    # Write-Host "UserName: $($ParmValueObj.Value)"

                    if ($ParmValueObj.Value -eq $username) {
                        Write-Host ""
                        Write-Host "Subscription Name: " $subscription.Report
					    Write-Host "SubscriptionID: " $Subscription.SubscriptionID
					    Write-Host "DeliveryExtension: " $subscription.DeliverySettings.Extension
					    write-host "Field: " $					
					    write-host "Value: " $ParmValueObj.value

                        if ($Subscription.IsDataDriven.ToString() -eq "False") {
                            #GET SUBSCRIPTION PROPERTIES
                            $SubscriptionProperties = $ssrs.GetSubscriptionProperties($Subscription.SubscriptionID.ToString(),` [ref]$ExtensionSettingsObj, ` [ref]$description, ` [ref]$ActiveStateObj, ` [ref]$status, ` [ref]$eventType, ` [ref]$matchdata, ` [ref]$ParmValueObj)    


                            Write-Host "MatchData: $($matchdata.Value)"

                            $iExtParamCnt = $ExtensionSettingsObj.ParameterValues.Length
                            $i = 0
                            foreach ($ExtensionRow in $ExtensionSettingsObj.ParameterValues){		#Pulls all the ExtensionSettings

			                    write-host "ExtensionRow - NAME: $($ ExtensionRow - VALUE: $($ExtensionRow.value)"                            
                                if ($ -eq "PASSWORD") {
                                    Write-Host "Password Unencrypted..."
                                if ($i -eq $iExtParamCnt) {
                                    Write-Host "Adding Parameter..."
                                    $ExtensionSettingsObj.ParameterValues += $ExtensionPassword
                                    $PasswordUpdated = $true

                            if ($PasswordUpdated) {
                                if (!$InformationOnly) {
                                    $SubscriptionProperties = $ssrs.SetSubscriptionProperties($ReportSubscriptionID, $ExtensionSettingsObj, $description.Value, $eventType.Value, $matchdata.Value, $ParmValueObj)
                                    Write-Host "Password Updated..."
# }

Well, it was line 142 in my ISE, but on here it is line 113