Script for Move Users in Skype

Hi All,

I´m trying to create a script that

  1. Look in an user list if the user has a other conferancing policy than AllowAnonymousParticipantsInMeetings
  2. And if user have not same conferancing policy should it check if the fullname will start with S0 to S4 then should it move to Target other wise should the be moved to
You will see down about the script I tried to write... anyone who has idea how I should do this or has a link to great page there I can find more information so I can come further...

I can add… I´m new to script…
ForEach ($User in $UserCSV -NE (ConferancingPolicy -eq AllowAnonymousParticipantsInMeetings) {
if ($UserCSV -eq $Fullname start with S0-S4) | Move-CsUser -Identity $Fullname -Target -Confirm:$false
else Move-CsUser -Identity $Fullname -Target -Confirm:$false




Best regards

Conny Isaksson


sorry - the following will not solve your current task but I think it will help you in the future:

Please do a little step back and take a your time to start to learn the very basics of Ppowershell. You cannot learn a complex technology by guessing or copying together some code snippets you’ve found on the internet and you don’t fully understand.
An easy and slightly entertaining way of learning Powershell is watching the free video course at the Microsoft Virtual Acadmey - Getting Started with Powershell.
Have a lot of fun and good luck.



First, yes I´m new at this, but this text was a part of the full script, I have created… I did only “mask” some…


Did think this was a forum you could ask questions… so I say I´m sorry I´m not good as you and that I did ask… I will of course delete my account here and learn more about PS…

So again Olof I´m sorry… for asking…

You don’t have to sorry for asking at all - that’s what this forum is all about. But the code snippet you showed seemed not functional so I suspected you copied somewhere and actually did not understand what you copied. :wink:
You might show the rest of the code or at least that much to show where the variables you use come from and make it at least working when we copy it to try.
And could you please format your code as code here in the forum. Use the “pre” button located in the edit bar above the text you enter when you post. Thanks.