Scheduling Dates

I have a csv of of users with a date that they’re scheduled for some activity.
samaccountname Date
User1 20/09/2017
User2 21/09/2017
User3 23/09/2017
User4 20/09/2017
User7 21/09/2017
User9 22/09/2017

I’m looking to create a script that will find
the users who don’t have a date
Preselect a date 1 week into the future
Check if less than 2 users are scheduled on that Preselected date
If less than 2 users are scheduled, assign a user to that date
If more than 2 users are scheduled, find the next available date

The part I’m struggling with is the looping of the schedule to find an available date

SAmple code is

Remove-Variable *
Set-Location $PSScriptRoot

 $1WeekAfterToday = (Get-date ).AddDays(8)
        If  ($1WeekAfterToday.DayOfWeek -eq 'Saturday')
            "Scheduled date is Saturday adding one more day" | Write-Host -ForegroundColor Cyan
            $1WeekAfterToday = $1WeekAfterToday.AddDays('1') 
        ElseIf ($1WeekAfterToday.DayOfWeek -eq 'Friday')
            "Scheduled date is Friday scheduling for Sunday" | Write-Host -ForegroundColor Cyan
            $1WeekAfterToday = $1WeekAfterToday.AddDays('2')
$1WeekAfterToday = Get-Date $1WeekAfterToday -DisplayHint Date
"Potential date is $1WeekAfterToday" | Write-Host -ForegroundColor Cyan

#Get Users in Group
$sourceUsers = Import-Csv .\sourceUsers.csv -Verbose

Start-Sleep -Seconds 1 -Verbose
#Get Users that are scheduled
$PreScheduledUsers = Import-Csv .\sourceUsers.csv | Where-Object {$ -ne ""} |
Select-Object *,@{
    'Name' = 'SchedDate'
    'Expression' = { ([datetime]::ParseExact($,"dd/MM/yyyy",[System.Globalization.CultureInfo]::InvariantCulture)) }
    } | 
    Sort SchedDate

#Group Dates
$AllDates =  $PreScheduledUsers | Group SchedDate 

#Check if date is already in schedule

DO {
Sleep 1
$Avail = ForEach($datum in $Alldates)

        If ($1WeekAfterToday.Date -eq (Get-date $datum.Name).Date ) 
            IF ($datum.Count -lt 2)
                (Get-date $datum.Name)
                $1WeekAfterToday = $1WeekAfterToday.AddDays(1)

    Until ($avail)
    $avail | Write-Host -ForegroundColor Yellow

The fact that I’m comparing datetime objects makes it a lot more tricky!

You seem to have several posts for this question. Could we close the duplicate ones?

Hi Don, Yes please!
Something up with my browser!