Say No to All on Confirm?


I know I can use -Confirm:$false so supress any Confirm messages.
But what if I want my script to run unattended and answer ‘No’ to any Confirm Message?


You could set $ConfirmPreference to None

see about_Preference_Variables

Whether this is a good idea or not is another debate :slight_smile:

yes, but that would have the same effect as using -Confirm:$false wouldnt it?

I wanted my script to run but if there is a Confirm-message it should be answered with ‘No’

What I wanted to do was to call New-xDSCResource multiple times.

If the resource doesnt exist it is created, if it does exist you get a Confirm-question.
Answering No the the Confirm will write a warning instead of overwriting the resource and after that the resource is still validated against the arguments to New-xDSCresource.
A simple way to confirm that no-one changed the properties.

I know that I can use Test-xDscResource for a similar validation, but it will only validate that the resource is correct and won’t detect if new properties are added.