Safe remote execution of a single script

I want to turn on remote execution a server so that:

  • All and only users in a single Active Directory group can use it
  • All they can do is to execute a single script I will put on the server
  • They can’t break out of the script (which is a very simple script that does Wake On LAN - the server in question is allowed to send WOL packets through the router to a target network)

I have done quite a lot of Powershell scripting but have never used remote execution before.

John Thayer Jensen
Apps Specialist
University of Auckland Business School

I think what you’re asking about here sounds like a constrained endpoint. Boe Prox has a series on the Hey, Scripting Guy! blog that explains what this is and how to go about setting one up.

I have linked you to the last post as it has the links to all the other parts in the series: