Run Restore-RecoverableItems on 50,000+ EXO Mailboxes the fastest way possible

If you were assigned to run Restore-RecoverableItems on 50,000+ Exchange Online mailboxes in the shortest period of time, how would you do it?

Some nice-to-haves would be robust sessions that self-heal and in-progress and end-of-operation reportability to management, but not if it will slow the restore operation(s) down significantly.

Ideas that come to mind:

  1. Use the new PS v2 EXO module
  2. Use the new Robust cloud command
  3. Run as many parallel sessions as possible, but what's the best way to divide the work so it's not duplicated?
  4. Ask MSFT for a throttling reprieve
  5. Must support MFA, because that's how it rolls.
Ideally be able to use the solution for other disaster-recovery scenarios.

Thanks very much to you all!

Thanks for sharing the info :+1: