Run .exe silently in Remote PowerShell


I’m trying to run the Adobe Reader Cleaner in silent mode while in a Remote Session and Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned.

The command line would be:

AdbeArCleaner_v2.exe /silent /product=1

How do I launch that within a remote PowerShell? I’m trying to remove software without user interaction.

Invoke-Command should do the trick.

you can try with psexec:
PsExec.exe \$userComputer -n 15 -s -d “\$userComputer$destinationFolder$filename” DESKTOPSHORTCUT=“1” /quiet

The problem with PsExec is that it might be flagged as “malware” in some environments.

You do know that psexec was one of the tools used in the NotPetya attack right?