Review lab 2 Task 16 TYPO?

My output is still the kitchen sink. Think there’s a typo in the answer lab but still get too much data

lab answer: Get-WmiObject –class Win32_Process | Where { $_.PeakWorkingSet –gt 5000 }
result: no data

my correction: Get-WmiObject –class Win32_Process | Where { $_.PeakWorkingSetSize –gt 5000 }

result: works

These are all typos I feel we fixed. Where’d you get these? Specifically? So I can fix them?

It (and others) were found in PowerShell 3 Labs & Answers.pdf which was zipped up in which was downloaded from here:

Link “Lab Guide for Classroom Training” at

Roger. On vacation but I’ll get it fixed when I’m home. Thanks for your patience!!

Typo’s or not, still has 1st place on my Powershell bookshelf

I agree Andrew.

Thanks guys. And, crud, I don’t have the source docs for these anymore to fix them :(. I’m going to just post an errata file - but in the meantime, feel free to highlight anything else you run across in this thread. We’re in the process of moving that site to, and some of the files have just gotten mixed up a lot. Sigh. Progress.