resolve-dnsname suddenly slow

i wrote a script that includes resolve-dnsname. running in the ISE. it was in the milliseconds last night when i was testing the script, but this morning, the two commands below are in the 6-7 second range. quicktimeout is actually 1-2 seconds longer. is a fake ip that doesn’t resolve. on working IPs, these are 6-7 milliseconds.

measure-command {resolve-dnsname -QuickTimeout}
measure-command {resolve-dnsname }

-persists through a reboot
-doesn’t matter if i point it at different dns servers
-happens in the ise, shell, and 7 shell
-doesn’t happen on other machines
-measure-command {nslookup} is 300 milliseconds

so it would seem this is something specific to powershell and specific to my one machine? any ideas?