Reporting disk usage over time?


I have two PowerShell scripts that combines ADUC cmdlets and robocopy to create a PSObject that contains information about all my user and also the size of the homedirectory folder. I can export this as a CSV to get a nice and readable report, but I would like to be able to track changes to disk usage over time. Are there any good approaches to run this as a scheduled task every week, so i can have the folder size for the last 6 months?

I would just like to point out i haven’t written all the code in here, but I cant recall where i found everything… (and the git link contains 2 scripts since i could only post 1 link)

Run it as a scheduled task or scheduled job. Do you want to explicitly report on all home drives or just the largest group or if they are over a certain size? Decide your criteria and then pull that information from the CSV files and create a trend report. There’s a free ebook from this site that shows how to do that