Report from Exchange Server 2016

I would like to generate a report from Exchange Server 2016, which would include: E-MaiL address, full name, database, whether the user uses the default mailbox database quota settings, mailbox size.
I’ve tried everything, but nothing comes out. I stopped at a working example that displays the name and size of the mailbox.

Get-MailboxStatistics -Server "SERVER" | Sort TotalItemSize -Descending | Select-Object di
splayname,PrimarySmtpAddress,TotalItemSize | Export-Csv "C:\Temp\User_Comp.csv" -Encoding UTF8

And then, PrimarySmtpAddress doesn’t come out.

Because Get-MailboxStatistics does not return this property. If you really need this information you have to use a loop and use another query to get this property.

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