Replace string question

I would like to replace all the number on the left side of the underscore with blank space:
I am using the following code and it does not work; any help is appreciated.
(get-content D:\Temp\Test1.txt) | foreach-object {$_ -replace ‘*_’, ’ '} | set-content D:\Temp\Test1.txt

Are you trying to replace any number of characters with a single blank space, or do you want a space for each of the characters that are being taken out? Should the underscore be left in, or taken out with the numbers?

Just trying to replace any number or character on the left side of the underscore; I am trying to use the wild card *_; but it does not work.

Sorry if I did not answer your question; the underscore should be left in

PowerShell’s -replace operator uses regular expressions. You something in front of your * quantifier (perhaps a ., to match any character, but that would depend on whether the lines can have multiple underscores, and what you want the behavior to be if they do), and be sure to keep the underscore. For example:

(get-content D:\Temp\Test1.txt) | foreach-object {$_ -replace '.*_', ' _'} | set-content D:\Temp\Test1.txt